Rose Loave

Jane Rose

was born on December 1st 2006 in Pleasant View. She is the oldest daughter on the Loave Family. Jane is very close to her father, John and shares his intellect. Jane Rose is currently in high school and plays the violin for her school’s orchestra. She is very intelligent but also very social. She enjoys spending time with her friends as well as her family. She has always been a social butterfly.

Her mother, Stacey, left when she was still a baby and Terry then took over as a mother figure for her. Jane is very well aware that her mother Stacey left her and that Terry isn’t her biological mother, but she loves her as if she was and calls her mom.


Jane has warm undertone skin, brown eyes and brown hair. Her height is 160.5 centimetres tall and her star sign is Sagittarius.


She enjoys spending time with her family, dancing, soccer and recently started to learn how to play the violin.

Personality Characteristics

Jane is a social butterfly with good manners, responsible but she isn’t very sensible. She is a goofball and very tidy.


Jane Rose has always been a social butterfly, ever since she was a young kid. Growing up with her family she was the one always organizing and planning all the social events for everyone. She loves being the center of attention and will do anything to be in the spotlight.

Summer before she began High School, Jane was so excited. All her friends were looking forward to beginning their high school years. Jane had joined her middle school soccer team and was very fit but had decided she didn’t want to do anymore. She would find something that would make her one of the most popular girls in school.

During her freshman year in high school, she met someone who was very popular because they were part of their orchestra and this is when she decided she wanted to be just as popular as they were. She asked her counselor to put her into orchestra and that was when she began playing the violin. However, being part of her school orchestra during her entire High School years made her change. She became less interested in being popular and more interested in just having a good time.

Her friends always told her she couldn’t hold her tongue and that she was much too honest. Jane Rose never let anyone tell her how to act and that is one of her greatest qualities. She is honest to the core and will always tell you what’s on her mind. Even if telling you may hurt your feelings. She has one friend that has always been there for her though, Mike. They are constantly going out to parks and movies.

As soon as she began playing the violin, she began getting many compliments about her talent. Her teachers continue to tell her that she should pursue this as a lifetime career. Jane hopes that one day she can go on tour and see the world while continuing to play the violin. One of her favorite musicians is Lindsey Stirling and Jane hopes to grow up to be just like her.

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