Joseph Loave

Jake Joseph

was born on August 6th 2004 in Pleasant View. He is the oldest son of the Loave Family. He is Terry’s first born and half brother to Jane and Zofia. Jake is the goofball of the family and he has always enjoyed making them laugh. When Jake and Jane were kids, they both started learning to play instruments together. It is sometimes how they bond and spend time together coming up with new melodies.

Jake eventually figured out that he wanted to be a comedy actor and he is passionate about starring in his own Hollywood movie one day. Both John and Terry have been very supportive of his hobbies and they always allow him to put on comedy skits together for the entire family.


Jake has warm undertone skin, brown eyes and brown hair. His height is 213.36 centimetres tall and his star sign is Leo.


When Jake was younger, he was taught how to play the piano. Even though he enjoys it, this isn’t one of his favorite hobbies. He loves filming and comedy. He will often come up with his own jokes and skits. He loves watching movies, especially good action and comedy films. If a movie has both of these in it, it is a win! Some of his favorite actors and people he aspires to be like are Jackie Chan, Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, etc. He hopes to eventually get into Hollywood and make it big as an actor.

Personality Characteristics

Jake is a very responsible and humorous young man. He is a natural performer and charmer. He enjoys making his family laugh and smile, something his younger siblings will call him the clown of the family. He will often set up skits/stand up shows for his family during family night.


Jake is the oldest son of the Loave family. He is a very intelligent young man, maybe not as smart as his little sister but he could still be considered a modern prodigy. He learned how to play the piano as a young boy but this wasn’t one of his favourite hobbies. Jake is very funny and always enjoys making his family laugh and smile. He is definitely the clown of the family and will even pull stunts like setting up complete skits and stand up shows for them. He will often write his own jokes and is always testing them on his family.

Ever since he was in kinder, he was a bit troublesome at school but this wasn’t because he was trying to be the bad guy, he was just trying to have a good time. Jake’s parents often tell people about the time he successfully got five first graders out a window and unto the play yard. The teacher had stepped out of the classroom for a few minutes and Jake saw this as an opportunity to have a bit more fun with his friends. He opened one of the windows in the classroom and got five kids out. Jake and his friends played out in the yard for about 10 minutes before the teacher realised what had happened.

As he got older, he began to settle down in school and stopped causing as much trouble as before. When he started high school, he joined his theater class and began acting in small productions by his school’s art department. This was when he realised that he wanted to be an actor. As he got more serious about his career path, he began taking head shots and submitting audition tapes for small roles on movies and TV shows. He still hasn’t gotten casted in one but he is hopeful that he will be cast very soon. He dreams to move to Hollywood one day.

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